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Multi-Unit Wiring
Maintenance of Electrical Equipment

Single Family Residential Wiring
Concrete Warehouse Tilt-Ups
Commercial Tenant Improvements
Commercial (Stores, Restaurants)
Fire Alarm Upgrades
Lighting Design
Programmable Lighting Control
Design/Build Applications
Parking Lot Lighting-Building Maintenance 
Lighting Fixture Supply
Solar Panelling and Wiring
36ft Reach Bucket Truck
Electrical Service Contract Work


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New sockets and switches

Add new plugs and switches

LED fittings

Changing out old incandescent and CFL bulbs to a new and more energy efficient LED bulbs




Our desire was to establish a reputable business in the electrical industry.  Our primary focus was to provide a knowledgeable, helpful and service orientated approach to all of our projects.  Over the years, with the help of very capable and dedicated employees we have managed to achieve this goal.

With the completion of various large and small scale projects in the multi-unit, single family and commercial sector we have been recognized as a firm that sets the highest standard for all of our installations.

Our office/warehouse facility is fully stocked for any type of electrical requirement that may arise.  Combined with a very knowledgeable staff of project managers, estimators, and supervisors we feel confident that we can serve all of your electrical needs with the utmost satisfaction.


Safety First

Qualified Personnel vs. Unqualified Personnel

For the purposes of electrical safety related work practices, there are two types of employees in the work place that may come in contact with electrical equipment on a jobsite: qualified and unqualified. A Qualified employee is defined as a worker who

  • Has been trained to avoid electrical hazards when working on or near exposed energized parts.
  • Is familiar with the safety related work practices as required by OSHA standards.
  • Is able to distinguish exposed live parts of electrical equipment.
  • Is knowledgeable of the skills and techniques used to determine the nominal voltages of exposed parts and components.

An Unqualified employee is defined as a worker who has little or no training regarding electrical hazards. Even though unqualified persons should not be exposed to energized parts, they should be provided with information and training necessary to perform their job in a safe manner and understand the following:

  • Be familiar with any electrical hazards in the workplace.
  • Understand procedures to follow and to protect themselves when they work around electricity.
  • Understand which tasks that can only be performed by qualified workers (e.g. maintenance and repairs).
  • Know when and how to report electrical problems.
  • Know what to do in the event of emergency involving electricity.
  • Know how to inspect electrical tools and equipment before use to make sure insulation and wiring are in good condition.

Recent Projects

Couples of currently ongoing and past finished progjects


Finished electrical works on a Nail Salon

Full electrical wiring for a Float home on Bowen Island

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